CCTV Camera in Nepal

Well, CCTV Cameras now has been most important part of Security of while country and home. There are lots of CCTV Cameras in Nepal like , Hikvision CCTV camera, Dahau CCTV Camera , Uniview CCTV cameras , ZKTECO CCTV Cameras and many mores OEM brands cctv camera avialble in Nepal.

Among many we Planet Infosys Pvt.Ltd. as being Distributor of ZKTECO, we are doing Same Brand CCTV Camera in Nepal, All similar brand's Camera prices in Nepal are almost in same range,

There are two technology in CCTV Camera, IP Camera and AHD Camera . Most AHD cameras are use for small unit camera installation like 4-8 cameras. These AHD CCTV cameras are most suitable for Home protections as the cost is much lesser than IP Camera Where as IP CCTV Cameras are for big projects and Official use where there is long distance of cabling.

CCTV Camera Price in Nepal

How is the price range begins in AHD and IP camera , means CCTV Camera price list in Nepal. Generally AHD CCTV Camera Price in Nepal begins from Rs,1,900  higher.. where as IP camera price in Nepal begins from approx, Rs.5,000/-. These CCTV Camera price list is approx in begining series,, the price of these CCTV Camera in Nepal  also vary in Features, Quality, example, 2MP Camera dome, bullet, Starvis, color UV, Motorized,  IVA funtions these may cause price different.

The camera in Nepa are avialble from 2 Mega Pixesl to 4K, the higher Megapixel, the higher quiality and higher cctv camera price.

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Do We provide attendance software in purchase of attendance device ?

Yes We provide attendance software in every purchase of attendance devices and access control. you can download from our official website from download section

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Anyone can take part in metal detecting, though they can't trespass to do so, and detectorists must contact landowners and get written permission before they conduct any investigations on their land.

How to break admin Lock in ZKTECO Devices ?

  • If you know the device IP , then we could break admin part from our time managment software. 
  • Even if you could not get the Ip address, then Need Serail No. Of device which is mentioned backside of the device or just press ESC button 3-4 seconds then it will show the serail no and send to us at our Support Viber no. then we will send the admin code.

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